Our Refinishing Services:

Furniture Stripping
We strip varnished, painted and most metal furniture.

Furniture Refinishing
Includes stripping, sanding, staining, sealing, filling, toning and laquering.
We can match virtually any color.

Furniture Repairs
We can repair broken or damaged furniture.
This may include veneer patching or replacing, furniture glueing,
custom moulding or carving and spindle work is available.

Furniture Restoration
Anitique furniture can be restored to it's original state keeping
it's antique quality and value.

Furniture Touch Up (Onsite or in house)
Includes filling dents, gouges, crushed corners, water marks or rings,
removing minor scratches and increasing or decreasing laquer sheen.

We offer caning of chair seats, backs, ottomans etc.
Sorry, but we cannot repair wicker cane.

Brass & Copper Polishing
We offer cleaning and polishing of brass or copper items.
Nickel, Chrome or Brass plating available.